SL vs. IND: Deepak Chahar talks about MS Dhoni’s hand in his match win against Sri Lanka

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MS Dhoni and Deepak Chahar for Chennai Super Kings

Indian Deepak Chahar, who took the bat in the second ODI against Sri Lanka here, says he learned the art of chasing the great Mahendra Singh Doni.

Chahar wrote a script for India’s victory from behind on Tuesday with an undefeated 69 at number eight.

“(Dhoni) he had a very big impact on me. Not only CSK as we grew up, we all saw him (close the game close). Every time we talk, he tells me it’s in your hands to take the game to the end and if you can do it, then you get some over and that makes the match exciting.

“So that was the whole idea – to take the match to the last,” Chahar said at a virtual press conference on the eve of the third ODI.

Chahar played under Dhoni under Chennai Super Kings. And he pulled a robbery in the second ODI as he led India to a stunning three-wicket victory, chasing a solid 276 goal at R Premdasa Stadium.

According to Chahar, he has not watched the T20 World Cup at the moment, but stressed that he is happy that he can prove himself with the bat when he gets the chance.

“The World Cup (T20) is still a long way off. My goal is always to prove myself when I get the chance with a bat or a ball. The choice is not in my hands, nor in the hands of any player, to presents is in our hands.

“I was lucky enough to get an opportunity that I can prove in batting. Because for a long time I was looking for an opportunity, for the last two years my batting has not come, or when I beat, I played one or two balls.

“It was a good opportunity for me to prove myself in the beat and I’m happy I was able to transform it,” said the 28-year-old right-handed pacer, who received a congratulatory message from a skipper. Virat Kohliwho leads the test country in England.

He added that coach Rahul Dravid had confidence in him because of the shots he had played for India A.

“With Rahul sir, this is my first tour as an Indian player, but I’ve done a lot of touring in India A with him. And there three or four times, vata came in a similar situation when the thugs got out and I played good shots there, so Rahul sir has that confidence in me.

“And it also helps when the coach supports you and has confidence, so when you go for a beat, it’s in the bottom of your mind that you have support, and that makes a huge difference,” Rajasthani said.

Although he claims to have worked on cotton wool, Chahar said it didn’t matter to him whether people considered it universal or not.

“I’ve always worked on cotton wool. My father is my coach and when we talk, the maximum time we talk is for cotton wool in our conversation. And I don’t care if people think I’m universal or not, “he said.

Pacer also said he was working on his bowling variations. “I’ve been bowling the knuckle for a long time and variation is very important and we work on it every day. When we play with the white ball, we focus more on the variations – be it a yorker or slower balls,” he signed off.



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