SL v. IND: Dad isn’t surprised by Deepak Chahar’s success: “We told him to take cotton wool seriously”

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Deepak Chahar and Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Deepak Chahar, who hit an undefeated 69 in the second ODI against Sri Lanka on Tuesday to bring India back from the dead and lead them to victory with three wickets in Colombo, surprised fans from time to time with bowling magic before disappearing into oblivion .

Only a few, like his father, knew he could fight as a suitable scourge. A few days before the start of the ODI series, the head coach of the Indian limited team in Sri Lanka, Rahul Dravid, told the fast bowler that he was good enough to fight at number 7, and asked him to focus on the game on the ground and avoid aerial shots.

Chahar had already learned these lessons early from his father, a cricket coach, and Navendu Tiagi, another coach, in the hot climate of Hanumangar in Rajasthan and later in Agra.

“People are surprised. bat as a beater, “Father Lokendra Chahar told IANS on Wednesday.

“Honestly, he hasn’t had a chance to fill the line all these years. He will come in to fight at the end of an inning where only a few balls will remain.

I think it’s our fault that we cut him like an owl № 3 and № 4 in his younger days, so he developed this habit of waiting to settle in and didn’t learn to use the long handle right away, “added Chahar Sr.

On Tuesday, Dravid raised him and sent him to the more experienced Bhuvneshwar Kumar, at number 8 and asked him to face up as many balls.

“Dravid knew he could hit and hit a few balls, so (sending Chahar over Bhuvi) was his call,” Bhuvneshwar told the press after the match.

“Rahul sir told me to play all the balls. I played a few innings with India A and I think he believes in me,” Chahar said after the presentation match.

As a batsman, Chahar hasn’t done much with India A. In the last three years, there have been only odd strikes like a few in the thirties – 31 in England and 38 during the quadruple series or 21 during the tris series.

Probably his most famous blow in the last few years came during the Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2018, when the captain of Chennai Super Kings (CSK) MS Dhoni raised it in front of him in a match against the Punjab franchise (then known as Kings XI Punjab). He made 39 of 19 balls before being knocked out on the 20th ball as CSK won the game with five wickets.

“Dhoni gave him a lot of confidence. He gave him the new ball again this season and asked him to take out all four of his overs in one spell,” added Chahar Sr.

Deepak selected eight wickets in seven IPL 2021 games, and while five of those games went smoothly, he took four in the other two against Punjab Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders.

Coach Tyagi, who guided him during his formation, said he has always been a batsman, but has never had a responsibility to beat at a higher level.

“He was a batsman from the start, but he never got the responsibility. We worked on his wadding as well as the bowling alley. His father always used the emphasis on wadding because of his usefulness in the IPL. Traction in front of IANS.

The temperament that Tyagi was talking about was evident on Tuesday. Of his 69, only 34 tracks came within range as he ran between the gates in energetic conditions for the rest of his tracks.

“I used to get angry when I saw that his all-encompassing potential was not being realized. But I’m glad that the world can see the batsman in him. My 15 years of work are paying off,” said Chahar Sr.

The right-handed bowler took eight wickets for 10 on his first debut while helping Rajasthan fire Hyderabad for 21 in 2010 and then took a 6/7 in T20 International against Bangladesh.



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