Shooting coach Monali Gorche is leaving because of black fungus

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At a great loss to the Indian Rifle Fellowship, coach and technician Monali Gorhe died of mucormycosis on Thursday. She was 44 years old and survived by her mother and sister.

Monali was admitted to hospital after being diagnosed with COVID-19, but was discharged only to be re-admitted for treatment of mucormycosis.

Many people recovering from COVID-19 have recently been affected by the black fungus – or mucormycosis – disease. It is a fungal infection that affects the nose, eye and sometimes the brain. Hours before her death, her father, Manojar Gorhe, also succumbed to COVID-19.

Monali was the coach of the main group of pistols. She was also the national coach of the shooting team in Sri Lanka. She had set up a shooting training center called Excel Shooting in Nashik, where she trained hundreds of students in Maharashtra.

The National Riflemen’s Association of India (NRAI) mourns Monali and her father’s death.

“It is with great sorrow that we inform Ms. Monali Gorhe, a Core Group pistol trainer and effective technical officer, who died today due to black fungus,” the NRAI said in a statement.

“It is a tragedy that her father also died today. The shooting fraternity mourns the sad death of a hard-working man.”



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