Shiv Sunder Das has been appointed coaching of the women’s team in India

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Former India opener Shiva Sunder Das has been appointed as the current coach of the Indian women’s team for the England tour and looks forward to using his coaching experience at the NCA to guide the youngsters during the trip. Das, who played 23 tests between 2000-02, has a decent average of nearly 35 with more than 1,300 runs, including two hundred and nine and a half centuries.

“It will be a good experience and I look forward to it,” the 43-year-old former Odisha skipper told PTI at the time of his appointment. He is honing his skills as a wad coach at the National Cricket Academy under Rahul Dravid and that he believes will help him as he tries to solve the technical problems of the tests.

“I’ve been part of the NCA for the last 4-5 years and I’ve been a coach for the last few years. I would like to thank Rahul Dravid and Sourav Ganguly for giving me this opportunity, “said the man, who played all his cricket under the captaincy of the BCCI president.

“I don’t think there is a big difference and at the end of the day you pass on your knowledge and work with players. You contribute to their success and are ready to solve their cricket problems when they require you. It is my responsibility to make them well prepared and ready for the match.

“Das was part of the Indian team that toured England under Ganguly in 2002 and scored 250 in first-class tournament play.” That was my highest score in England on that tour, “he recalled.

Das believes that his experience of playing cricket in England for years will also be very useful.

“It will help me that I have played a lot of cricket in England, including international cricket and cricket. I know the conditions and these experiences that I will share with them. “Several of them have toured England several times and have little experience. “Whatever time we have, we will see how many workouts we have and make sure we use them properly,” he said.

The women’s team will play a test match after a long time, but the new cotton coach is confident that with senior professionals they like Mitali Raj and Julan Goswami on the side, adapting to the conditions will not be very difficult.

The girls will be thrilled as they get the opportunity to play a test match after a long time and it is a good initiative to play the longer format.

“Julian and Mitali have played a lot of international cricket and will easily adapt to it and it is a good time for young players as it gives them the opportunity to learn the art of doing innings or doing a lot of things, which is good for overall growth as a player. of cricket, “he concluded



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