Samsung’s new 50-megapixel camera sensor features stepped HDR Tech

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Samsung has introduced the new 50-megapixel ISOCELL GN2 large pixel sensor with a size of 1.4 microns (microns or μm). This sensor inherits the ISOCELL GN1 sensor seen on many smartphones and integrates new Dual Pixel Pro technology. This technology uses 100 million phase-detection photodiodes that perceive phases both vertically and horizontally for faster and more accurate autofocus. It also supports step-by-step HDR for better detail and lower power consumption. Samsung claims that the new step-by-step HDR feature has reduced power consumption by up to 24 percent.

The South Korean electronics giant says the ISOCELL GN2 sensor is currently in mass production and no exact launch plans have been announced or which phone will integrate it first. The new ISOCELL GN2 sensor from Samsung has a 50-megapixel image sensor and comes with Smart ISO Pro to offer better results in low light conditions. The 1 / 1.12-inch ISOCELL GN2 sensor can simulate a larger 2.8 micron pixel with four-pixel connection technology to absorb more light in low light conditions. The sensor also offers the option to shoot in 100-megapixel resolution. The 100-megapixel mode rearranges the color pixels using an intelligent premosaic algorithm, creating three separate layers of 50-megapixel frames in green, red and blue. These frames are then scaled and combined to produce an ultra-high 100-megapixel image.

The Dual Pixel Pro technology of the Samsung ISOCELL GN2 sensor offers accurate and fast autofocus, Samsung claims, adding that this is the most modern solution for autofocus of the company so far. It offers focusing in all directions by splitting the pixels not only vertically, as in Dual Pixel, but also diagonally. Dual Pixel Pro allows improved focusing in low light and tracking moving subjects, as each pixel on the sensor works as focusing agents. It also has a new integrated HDR feature that uses roller blinds on the same pixel arrays to capture multiple shots in short, medium and long exposures. By maximizing dynamic range, chess HDR is able to offer rich detail and bright colors in light and dark shadows on stage, the company said. Samsung says that remote HDR is able to reduce sensor power consumption by up to 24% compared to its predecessor’s HDR mode in real time.

Samsung’s new ISOCELL GN2 sensor also has Smart ISO and Smart ISO Pro support for capturing light-sensitive photos. For example, in extremely low light, Smart ISO Pro quickly captures and processes multiple high ISO frames, increasing light sensitivity to close to one million ISOs. The GN2 supports full HD video at 480 fps or 4K at 120fps.

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