Samsung will take the technology world by storm with its brand new Galaxy F62, carrying a leading 7nm processor Exynos 9825

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Life has changed completely in the last year, especially for millennia and Generation Z. From concerts to classes, much of our lives have turned online. Life can’t get any faster than this. To keep up, we need to rely on a smartphone that is faster and more powerful. The phone that allows us to live a #FullOnSpeedy life is the need for the hour.

Samsung took the market by storm when it introduced its first Galaxy F series phone last year. The Samsung Galaxy F series phones are designed to meet the Gen-Z specifications and millennia of today’s smartphone users. This year, Samsung is taking things to the next level with a brand new Galaxy F series smartphone that is #FullOnSpeedy, funky, fun and sharp; Designed for smart smartphone users in India.

Consumers of Gen-Z smartphones with specifications in India are always looking for a device that offers great value for money. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy F62 marks all the right boxes, at a price that is ideal for generation Z. Samsung will present the smartphone #FullOnSpeedy Samsung Galaxy F62 with the flagship 7nm Exynos 9825 as an initial offer in our competitive smartphone market.

#FullOnSpeedy Performance, powered by a leading 7NM Exynos 9825 processor

The Samsung Galaxy F62 offers segment-leading mid-range performance thanks to the new powerful 7nm Exynos 9825 chipset. The chipset is the industry’s first mobile processor built using 7nm EUV processing technology. This becomes an extremely powerful chipset that can handle almost anything you throw at it.

The flagship 7nm Exynos 9825 chipset is loaded with raw power to stimulate next-generation mobile users. From state-of-the-art gaming and graphics to highly efficient power management, the chipset delivers on all promises, making it the perfect SoC to power a smartphone for today’s GenZ along with the latest, stunning camera features so you can get the perfect shot each once.

How fast is #FullOnSpeedy Samsung Galaxy F62?

Samsung Galaxy F62 offers best-in-class, super-fast performance, thanks to the leading 7nm processor Exynos 9825. The chipset has achieved over 4, 52 000+ on ANTUTU, 2400 on Geekbench and 68 on GFXBench, leaving its closest competitor miles !! The leading 7nm EUV technology in the Exynos 9825 helps optimize battery life like magic. It ensures that you can snatch more than the massive 7000 mAh battery in the Galaxy F62.

What prepares you for life in the fast lane? Well, that means you get super fast, late and addictive games, unlimited non-stop Netflix, connected or multitasking like a pro on all your millions of apps while working from home and all that and more, even if you spend all day without a charger device. Samsung Galaxy F62 really helps you lead the #FullOnSpeedy life, thanks to its powerful flagship chipset. In addition to games, you can capture videos and photos, boost your Instagram flex, launch all your favorite apps, and do just about anything with a super smooth phone experience.

What else can you do with a powerful phone like the Galaxy F62?

Today’s smartphone users spend most of their time in their favorite mobile games. To ensure the smoothest possible experience, the Samsung Galaxy F62’s flagship 7nm Exynos 9825 chipset comes with the Mali-G76 MP12 graphics processor, which is powerful and more efficient than its predecessors, providing powerful graphics for an extremely immersive gaming experience. The CPU delivers super-fast performance without lag to power your favorite game, while the GPU offers excellent graphics performance. Galaxy F62 was created for #FullOnSpeedy games.

Large-scale industry-leading 7000 mAh battery that keeps you on the road

f 62 3 battery

In addition to the #FullOnSpeedy processor, the Galaxy F62 also comes with the industry-leading 7000 mAh dense battery. The massive battery can last two days in heavy use and 3 days in normal use. How amazing is that? What’s more, the flagship 7nm Exynos 9825 chipset intelligently optimizes battery usage so you can get the most out of this huge battery.

The battery also supports a fast charge of 25 W, which means you can charge the phone in an instant. Samsung Galaxy F62 is the first and only Flipkart smartphone charged with a 7000 mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy F62 offers incomparable value with the perfect combination of a leading processor and a mammoth battery in the middle segment. With a leading 7nm Exynos 9825 processor, offering high-end stellar performance and a huge 7000 mAh battery below Rs. 25,000, you couldn’t ask for anything more. That’s not all, the smartphone will also provide an industry-leading display and the latest set of camera features to help you play on social media. Everything is ready to run on Flipcart and on February 15 at 12 noon. So, you can rush to any site right now and use the “Notify me” option to get all the latest updates for the handset!

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