“Rohit Sharma-Shikhar Dhawan the best opening option for T20 WC”

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Photo of Rohit Sharma file (left) with Shikhar Davan.

India needs to stick to the experienced initial combination of Rohit Sharma and Shikhar davan Former Indian spinner and coach Sarandip Singh feels at the T20 World Cup, calling the duo “the best option” despite the skipper They grow kohlirecent interest in the slot.

Sarandeep, whose term ended with India’s historic victory in Australia earlier this year, also gave his opinion on a split captaincy, arguing that the issue was never discussed in his time, as Collie presented himself in all three forms.

After the T20 series victory against England, Collie had said he would open in IPL raising the chance for him to open with Rohit in the World Cup. Dhawan was eliminated after the opening game of the series and Ishan Kishan was selected before him in one of the games. Kohli and Rohit opened in the final T20.

“It was surprising. He (Dhawan) did well in the IPL, he did well in Australia. He always performs when he plays. He’s very mentally strong. Maybe they want to try options, but I think the left-right hand combination of Rohit and Davan is the best option for India at the World Cup, “Sarandip told PTI.

“You can’t judge him on the basis of a match. He did well in ODI after that. IPL will decide a big part of the team. There are no easy places in the team. Ishan Kishan will also have to do extremely well with the team.” he added.

He also said KL Rahul should continue to keep in ODI and Rishabh Pant in form should wait his turn when Shreyas Iyer returns.

The IPL, starting on April 9, will decide much of the seats for the World Cup team, and Sarandip feels Yuzvendra sighed and Kuldeep yadav, who became India’s pair in the middle after the 2017 Olympic trophy, are no longer confident beginners in the T20 or ODI format. Kuldeep has also lost its place in the T20 team.

“The two rotating machines can still do their job. They are suitable spinners. Once Ravindra Jadeja is returning from injury, the trio remains the best option in a limited format, “Sarandipp said.

“Kuldeep, for example, doesn’t have many options and seems rather confident. He needs to be supported. Chahal was also replaced in the last T20 against England by Rahul Chahar and does not play the following ODI.

“Although there is a lot of competition, Chahal and Kuldeep have to play together. They still have a lot of potential,” said Sarandeep, who played three tests and five ODIs for India.

The pants surpassed Wriddhiman Saha as the number one keeper in Tests and has also become a preferred option in the T20 after its stellar success and in all three formats over the past four months.

“No praise will be enough for Pant. He had some fitness issues, working on it and working on his choice of shot. If you expect a 21-year-old to play as a 30-year-old, it’s hard to start with See Hardik (Pandya) , the way he’s beating now with experience, the same thing has been happening at Pant for the last six months or so.

“He was outside the team, which was good for him. He has the right time and the right ball to hit. The way he played in Australia shows that he has gained a lot of experience. He chooses and chooses.

“He can give you 10 years in test cricket, Saha can’t and he’s become the number one choice. In ODI, Shrias is injured, so Rishab plays. When he comes back, KL has to be the goalkeeper on goal because he holds crates for a long time and is doing well. “

Sarandipe also believes there is no room for Crowned Panda in the ODI team if Hardick does not bowling.

“Speaking of ODI, if Hardik doesn’t bowling, Krunal can’t be your fifth bowling. He beat great, but Krunal can’t give you 10 overs, he’s a good T20 player, but when it comes to ODI, he doesn’t it does not have the ability to challenge the batsmen.

“So if Krunal plays, Hardick has to be bowled. If one bowling is hit or injured, there’s no extra chance if Hardick doesn’t bow. His workload also needs to be managed, but you have to play proper bowling,” he said. year old former off-spinner.

On the issue of spilled captaincy, Sarandipp said it had not even been discussed during his term.

“Spilled captaincy is needed when your captain doesn’t perform, but he (Kohli) is the only player on average over 50 in all formats. If he doesn’t perform in one format, you can take the leadership pressure off him and pass it on. somebody else.

“Just because he didn’t win the IPL, you can’t remove him from the Indian captaincy. He’s also the strongest player and captain. Rohit is there to lead the team in his absence, but there’s no reason to replace Virat.”



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