Ritika Phogat, a cousin of Geeta and Babita, allegedly committed suicide after losing a wrestling tournament

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Ritika Fogat, 17, a cousin of the famous wrestling duo Geeta and Babita, is believed to have committed suicide after facing defeat in a wrestling tournament in Rajasthan.

In what came as a severe shock to the family on Wednesday, Ritika allegedly ended her life after failing to bear the disappointment of the loss. She lost in the final of the tournament on March 14.

“Ritaka, a fighter and cousin of Babita Fogat, allegedly died in a suicide on March 17. The reason for this may be her defeat in a recent wrestling tournament in Rajasthan. The investigation is ongoing,” Charhi Dadri DSP Ram Singh Bishnoy told ANI in Thursday morning.

Ritika participates in youth wrestling tournaments at the state level. She trained under Mahavir Singh Fogat, who also coached Gita and Babita Fogat. He also attended the tournament in which Ritika participates, according to a report by India Today.

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