Realme C15, Realme C12 Receives an update to Realme UI 2.0

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Realme C15 and Realme C12 receive a stable version of the Android 11-based update Realme UI 2.0. Distribution is expected to take place in batches and should soon receive all eligible devices if no errors are found. Realme has given both smartphones new features and improvements in customizations, system, launcher, security and privacy, games and other categories. Realme C15 and Realme C12 launched in India last August with the Android 10-based Realme UI not ready.

Realme C15, Realme C12 change log

[Realme] announce update for Realme C15 (Review) and Realme C12 (Review) through a couple on publications at its community forum. Both smartphones get many new features and improvements with the update. Both smartphones receive Realme UI 2.0 update based on Android 11.

For customization options, Realme C15 and Realme C12 users will be able to place third-party application icons on the Home screen. Smartphones also receive three new dark modes in the form of improved, medium and gentle mode. In addition, wallpapers and icons can also be adjusted in dark mode, and the contrast of the display can be adjusted according to the ambient light. Improvements to the system include new time animations and optimized vibration effects for text and game input.

Users will now be able to remove a folder or combine two or more folders together. Realme C15 and Realme C12 now also have the option to switch App Lock from the quick switch settings. Smartphones now have the ability to send a low battery message that shares the location of the smartphone when the battery is less than 15 percent. Realme has also added a more powerful SOS feature. There is also an optimized Permissions Manager.

Realme has changed the way users can call Game Assistant and allows users to share their personal hotspots using a QR code. The Photos app on smartphones has received an optimized photo editing feature with “upgraded algorithms and more tagging and filtering effects.” The camcorder of the Realme C15 and Realme C12 has received inertial magnification, along with a level and grille.

HeyTap Cloud can now back up photos, documents, system settings, WeChat data and more to easily migrate to a new smartphone. Realme also added a sleeping capsule feature to help users plan their stay and sleep time.

The firmware version with the update is RMX2180_11.C.05 for Realme C15 and RMX2189_11.C.05 for Realme C12. The size of the update is not mentioned. Users are advised to update their smartphone while it is connected to a strong Wi-Fi connection and charged. The update will be distributed in stages and will reach the eligible devices automatically over the air. Avid users can check for the update by heading to Settings> Software update for manual update check.



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