Realme 8 Pro survives JerryRigEverything Endurance Tests: Watch the video

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Realme 8 Pro underwent JerryRigEverything endurance tests and passed without catastrophic damage. The main test, however, was that the back of the smartphone is made of plastic and can be easily scratched if you hold it with a sharp object in your pocket. The flame test also did not cause the screen to malfunction. The smartphone launches on March 24 with a Full-HD + Super AMOLED display and support for fast charging. It comes with a quadruple rear camera titled by a 108-megapixel primary sensor.

The video posted by Zack Nelson, known as the YouTube channel’s host JerryRigEverything, shows the durability of Realme 8 Pro smartphone. Overall, the phone passed the JerryRigEverything endurance tests, which included testing the scratch resistance of the display, its structural hardness and the screen’s endurance in direct heat. However, as a budget device with many features, the back and chassis of the smartphone are plastic, which makes it extremely susceptible to scratches. The camera module is also plastic, but the camera itself is protected by glass. Realme donates a silicon back cover to protect the phone.

The Mohs hardness scale test shows that Realme 8 Pro gets scratches at level six with deeper grooves at level seven. The glass is usually scratched at level five or six, which essentially means that the phone worked as expected. Scratching the area just above the fingerprint scanner on the display did not affect the scanner’s performance, according to the video. In addition to the chassis and back, the handset also has a plastic grille.

The following is a combustion test in which the flame of a lighter is kept directly on the screen. Realme 8 Pro holds a direct flame for 24 seconds. In the last test of structural rigidity, Nelson did “hear a crack,” but there was nothing noticeable on the outside. In addition, the phone does not break or lose its shape and there are no gaps in the screen and body of the phone after the test.

Realme 8 Pro (First impression) is available in a 6GB + 128GB storage option, which is available on Rs. 17,999 and a variant of 8 GB + 128 GB at a price of Rs. 19 999. Available in infinite black and infinite blue.

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