Ravindra Jadea opens her Sword Festival in the 2019 World Cup: She was looking for a field for comments

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India station wagon Ravindra Jadeja

India is comprehensive Ravindra Jadeja opened for its iconic sword match against New Zealand in the semifinals of the 2019 World Cup, saying that at this time he is “looking for a field for comments”

Judea, perhaps the best all-around cricketer in the world at the moment, was not an automatic choice for India before he regained his modjo. Hardik PandyaThe fight against the injury helped Jadea find her way into the national structure, which made life difficult for the spin duo of Kuldeep yadav and Yuzvendra Chahal.

The prolific station wagon, which has so far played 51 tests, 168 ODIs and 50 T20Is, adds flexibility to the Indian team with its extensive capabilities. One of the best blows in Jadeja’s career came against Kiwis in the 2019 World Cup almost two years ago.

Although They grow kohli and Co failed to score in the semi-final clash, Jadeja’s 77-mile shot won praise. He was also brilliant on the field, recording 1/34 bowling figures in his 10 overs, along with two catches and causing a leak.

Jadeja’s bold knock was also a response from the commentator who turned into cricket, Sanjay Manjakar, who had described the jack player as a “piece player”. Judea had also retaliated by calling Manjekar’s remark “verbal diarrhea.”

“I’m not a big fan of players of pieces that Jadea has at this point in his career in cricket with 50 and more. In test matches he is pure bowling. But in cricket with 50 and more I would prefer spinning,” said Mandjekar. .

Asked about his half-century-old celebration in a recent interview, Jadeya said it was aimed at Mandjekar.

“We can’t mention the famous semi-final celebration in 2019 against Sanjay Manjakar after the fifties! (Manjakar had previously called him a cricketer). Did you plan it? Do you know where the comment field is?” the question said.

In response to the question, the resident of India replied: “Tab toh Bhatta garam tha, na! (The grill was hot then!) I was looking for a comment field. Then I thought it should be just there somewhere. And those who understand would understand who I directed the celebration to! (laughs). “



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