Racism: Butler, Morgan’s non-participation in the rest of the IPL could save KKR, Royals blushed

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Racism: Butler, Morgan’s non-participation in the rest of the IPL could save KKR, Royals blushed

The probable non-participation of Eoin Morgan and Joss Butler in the second phase of IPL could save them from being sanctioned by their respective franchises Kolkata Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals for posting alleged racist tweets about Indians in 2017.

The English cricket system has been shaken after pacer Olli Robinson was removed from the ECB for racist and sexist tweets about Muslims and Asians when he was 18 years old.

Posts in which Butler and Morgan used the word “sir” to mock the Indians began circulating on social media after the ECB stopped Robinson. The IPL is due to resume on September 19 in the UAE.

“KKR and RR will be corrected as they are players who win from the Indian Premier League and back in 2017 they made fun of how Indians speak English,” a senior BCCI official told PTI on condition of anonymity.

“Now you can ignore these publications, but it also speaks to what they have in common with the Indians. It’s a difficult terrain, but both the KKR and the Royals have a way out,” he said.

According to a report, the screenshots were also shared by Butler’s message, which said, “I’m always in charge, sir, no one like me like you,” and Morgan separately included Butler in a message that said, “Sir, you’re my favorite. batsman. “KKR head coach Brendan McCallum allegedly joined them in this conversation.

The source, who has worked as a BCCI employee since the first edition of IPL, said the “unconditional apology” was fine, but that the Board and franchisees “should not stretch it”.

“First, if Shah Rukh Khan and Manoj Badale are aware of the image of their respective franchises, an apology from Morgan and Buttler would suffice.

“Now that the ECB does not allow them for the second phase of the IPL due to their own commitments, the suspension will count for very little. You stop players who do not come for the second phase. It will be just posing,” the official said.

Many at BCCI think it would be wise not to confuse the hornet’s nest, as “there may be some YouTube videos of some players making sexist remarks or cheating on others that may now be in the public domain.”

Stopping Morgan is also convenient for KKR, as there is very little chance that the franchise will reach four when the rest of the IPL is played in the UAE between September 19 and October 15.

McCallum’s case may be more difficult


While Morgan and Butler can avoid embarrassment by simply not appearing under the dictates of Cricket England and Wales cricket, Ashley Giles, things are not so simple for McCollum, whose memorable 158 on the first day of IPL-1 had set the tone for the most watched cricket entertainment show.

In the case of McCallum, he may have to apologize and it will be interesting to see if KKR’s management, including main owner Khan, is okay when he sits in the dugout until the end of the tournament.



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