Rabindra Judea made it “very difficult” for any other left-handed spinner to break into the Indian test team: Axar Patel

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Ravindra Jadea and Aksar Patel

Good at everything Ravindra JadejaThe presence in the tests made it “very difficult” for any left spinner to break into the Indian team, said Aksar Patel during his meteoric rise in recent months.

Aksar, who debuted in the traditional format during the break of Jadea’s thumb injury, finished with 27 wickets from three tests against England. India evaporated England 3-1 in a series of four tests, while Axar used the aplomb case.

After a great start with the red ball, the 27-year-old also won a place in the WTC final and the next five test series against England. In a recent interview, Aksar highlighted the competition in the Indian team, which made it difficult for him to find a place in Playing XI.

“I do not feel that I was missing anything. Unfortunately I was injured and lost my place in the ODI. In tests, [Ravindra] Judea and [Ravichandran] Ashwin was doing well. The way Jadea presented herself was very difficult for any other left-handed multifunctional to find a place.

“The wrist spinners – Kuldiip (Yadav) and (Yuzvendra) Chahal – did well. Thanks to the combination of teams, I was out. When I got the chance, I just tried to prove myself,” Aksar told the Indian Express.

Aksar also spoke of “disappointment” with the lack of opportunities, but felt he had to be patient until the opportunity arose.

“I’m not easily disappointed. I was part of India A and I was in the scheme of things. It was about grabbing my chances. There were days when I was disappointed; I did well, but I didn’t find a place.

“But there are a lot of players who perform in home cricket but can’t get a break because the players on the Indian team are doing well. It’s important to wait your turn and when the chance comes, just take it,” said a left-handed tweeter. hand.

The Universal Gujarat also spoke highly of its Delhi Capitals captain Risabh Pant, mentioning that the left-hander maintains a “lively atmosphere” in the team. Aksar also labeled Pant as one of his “closest friends.”

“I have a great setting with him, we are part of the same team IPL. He is one of my closest friends. He maintains this lively atmosphere in the team. He will break jokes, even behind the gate.

“Sometimes in a five-day game, if there is a partnership, it’s very difficult to kill that time. His role is that if he feels the atmosphere is getting boring, he’ll snatch some jokes, he’ll make comments. That suits him,” he said. .



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