Prize of 1 nail polish for information for wrestler Sushil Kumar: Delhi Police

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Image source: GETTY IMAGES

Photo file of Sushil Kumar.

On Monday, police in Delhi announced a cash prize of 1 nail polish for anyone who provides information about the double Olympic wrestler with medalists Sushil Kumar, who has been on the run since May 4, after his name was linked to the murder of a former wrestler.

Police also announced a cash reward of Rs 50,000 for anyone providing information about Sushil’s aide Ajay Kumar, who is accused of killing Sagar Dankar, a former international wrestler.

On May 4, two groups of fighters clashed at Chattarsal Stadium, killing 23-year-old Dankar.

Sushil, hired by the Indian Railways, was sent on special duty to Chhatrasal Stadium, where a brawl was reported.

Last week, a Delhi court issued a waiver order against Sushil, in addition to issuing a notice against Sushil. “A surveillance notice has been issued for Kumar,” said Dr. Gurikbal Singh Sidou, additional deputy police commissioner (Northwest Delhi).

“Delhi police have recorded the statements of the victims, who are recovering at a local hospital, and have filed charges against Kumar. We sent a team to his home, but he was not found,” Sidhu said.



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