Postponing IPL 2021 will not affect India’s chances of hosting T20 World Cup, BCCI member says

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Postponing IPL 2021 will not affect India’s chances of hosting T20 World Cup, BCCI member says

BCCI suspended the 14th edition of the Indian Premier League on Tuesday amid rising cases of COVID-19 across the country, but the board remains optimistic about hosting the T20 World Cup, which is due later this year (November). ).

In an interview with ANI, a board member said a decision was expected in July on whether India could host the T20 World Cup.

“We’re monitoring the situation and waiting and watching is the best description at this stage. We probably won’t get much after July as it’s the World Cup and they can’t be withdrawn in a few weeks!” said the ANI member.

“We are confident that the situation will improve in the coming days and the World Cup will continue in India as planned.

“We have split nine places and the preparation is underway and given that we have several more places across the country, we can prepare reserve places in the country itself, so as not to burden the health infrastructure for a particular country or another in case the situation has not returned to normal at the time of the demonstration event. “

The IPL 2021 was halted after four franchises confirmed COVID-19 infections among their staff as well as among locker room members. Kolkata Knight Riders’ two players, Varun Chakravarti and Sandip Warrier, tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday, while CSK CEO Cassie Viswanathan, bowling coach Lakshmpipati Balaji and a member of the tourist staff were infected with the virus.

Delhi Capitals confirmed on Tuesday that their rotating leg Amit Mishra also tested positive for coronavirus.

BCCI is currently in the process of organizing a safe trip home for foreign players participating in the tournament.



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