Police officers found the lost Nintendo Switch in Utah Park, beating all high scores

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When the Generous City Police Department in Utah found a Nintendo switch left behind in a park that was returned to them, they announced on Twitter that the owners, Mason and Ali, should return it. However, they joked that they had already used the game console well and that their skills were far better than their owners. A police officer named Joubert, who tweeted, said one of his officers had beaten all of the console’s highest scores and spent all the gold coins accumulated by the console’s owners.

The lively tweet, posted on April 21, read: “Mason and Ali, someone found your Nintendo Switch in North Canyon Park and handed it to us. I beat all your high scores and spent all your gold coins and now I’m bored so you can come and get it. The case number below it is 21-1094. “Joubert.”

The police department did not stop there. While posting an update shortly thereafter to inform that the console has been returned to its owners, the department also said that another employee joined the video game and earned a few points back. “So that’s good,” he tweeted.

The first tweet saw some funny responses from users:

The whole incident was even presented in a short news segment of Fox 13 News. Watch the video below:

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