Playing safely for 40 shots with a bat could cost India 2023. World Cup: Michael Vaughn

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English Wickets goalkeeper Joss Butler celebrates after catching Indian fighter Virat Koli from Adil Rashid’s bowling during the second international day between India and England at the ICA Stadium

A careful approach with the bat in the first 40 shots could cost India the ODI World Cup at home in two years, according to former England captain Michael Vaughn.

India has always followed the pattern of acceleration in the final 10 overs. This has worked in most cases, but recently England with a world title has shown that the attack from the front on the wad is the way forward.

In the first two ODIs, India took a similar approach, as after a slow start they exploded at the back end, marking 112 and 126 tracks respectively in the last 10 overs.

Vaughn feels it They grow kohli and his men have the firepower to put 375 plus dots on flat piggy banks and have to look aggressive from the start.

“Today should be a lesson for India … Playing safely for 40 shots with Bath could cost them the World Cup at home in 2 years, they have enough strength and depth to get results of 375+ on flat boxes. “England leading the way with this approach,” Vaughn wrote on his Twitter handle.

Although India managed to pull England by 251 for 42.1 overs in the first ODI to win with 66 wins, the second ODI saw the visitors repair the target of 336 with 39 balls to save.

In the first ODI the persecution of England erupted after Jason Roy and Johnny Beirstov put 135 tracks for the opening strap, as none of the other bullies can continue the game of the blow.

In the second ODI, England did not take their feet off the podium after losing to Roy as Bairstow and Ben Stokes continued six shots to destroy India with six gates.

The ODI series for three matches will be decided on Sunday, when the two teams collide in the third game.



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