Personal equations don’t matter when you play for India: Mithali Raj

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Mitali Raj

Personal likes or dislikes do not matter when he plays for the country, the test of India and the captain of ODI Mitali Raj said on Sunday, insisting that she and head coach Ramesh Povar had “passed” from the bitter past to bring the team forward.

Currently Mithali and Co. are in quarantine in Mumbai ahead of the UK tour, which is expected to give a big boost to the team’s preparations for the ODI Word Cup in New Zealand early next year.

The full series, including India’s first test in seven years, will also be Powar’s first appointment as head coach. The former Indian spinner returned to the role after being fired after India’s semi-final defeat in the 2018 World T20.

Mittali had dropped out of the game inconsistently, and the relationship between the two moved south, accusing each other of unprofessional behavior.

Asked if their past would come in the way of their present and future, Mitali told PTI, “… we can’t live in the past.”

“I’ve played so many years, I don’t have an ego or I don’t pay attention to my personal likes and dislikes. I’ve never done that.”

“And 21 years was a long time for me to go through a lot of challenges. As for the game for India, it’s like serving your country, so personal problems, I don’t really give any weight (to those),” he said. she.

The 38-year-old has been a female cricket torch for more than two decades and does not like to carry luggage.

“You have to think about the bigger picture. That’s who I am. There are so many things that have happened in the past, but I don’t carry that baggage in the present or in the future.”

In quarantine, the team had numerous calls for a raise, discussing plans for the upcoming tour. Mitali said that the World Cup is the main goal at the moment and everyone agrees. “He is the coach and has his own set of

plans, it is important that we are both lined up on the same page to bring the team forward. Because even his goal is the same: that the team is doing well at the World Cup. The goal of everyone on the team is, “she said.

“We can’t be bitter and bear the bitterness. I’ve never been a confrontational person, nor am I a person who carries the past into the present. Otherwise I wouldn’t have survived so long in a sport that obviously needs to be rediscovered and revised all the time.” she said.

“It’s important to be on the same page and take the team with us, because we are in a very crucial phase of our preparation for the World Cup.”

So the ice is already broken?

“Yes, we have meetings, discussions regularly, so clear that we moved forward,” said the leading runner in ODI cricket.

India takes England in a one-off test on June 16 in Bristol. A day-night test against Australia was announced in September. As red ball cricket is not part of the 2018 squad and limited pre-match preparation time, India faces a major challenge.

However, Mitali, who has only competed in 10 tests for 21 years, said the team would play to win.

“Given the route we have a few days before the test. And I’m sure the girls would also train or prepare properly at home before quarantining.

“Many of them have probably been mentally prepared. But it is very important to prepare some basics. This only happens when we all get out of quarantine in Britain …

“But I think sometimes it’s good not to get into the game with the baggage of expectations, because in the same way most of them are debuting, and some of us are playing after a big difference.”

England and Australia are the only two teams to play regular cricket tests, and India is trying to do the same now. Mitali said that the BCCI is doing everything possible to help prepare the team against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s great that BCCI is trying to organize test matches in a two-sided series because I believe that every player in the world would like to play more games. And every player’s dream is to put whites at some point because it’s the oldest sports format.

“We also have continuity. We are playing another test in Australia and it will be historic for the Indian team, because for the first time you will play a day-night test, and that of WACA (Perth). I am sure we will get enough training with the pink ball before that, “she said.

Personally, she has mixed feelings about the challenge of the twins.

“I’m not trying to play the Test in my mind, but yes, I’m quite excited about actually leading the team in a longer format. It’s a mixed feeling. I’m excited and a little nervous there too.

“Even though I’ve been playing for so many years, Test is a format that I haven’t played regularly,” she said.

“So I’m excited because I’m going to play a few test games this season, especially the Day-Night game that I’ve never thought about in my career, at least I’ll play it,” added Mitali, who is expected to retire from the game. after the World Cup.



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