PCB chief Ehsan Mani is preparing for a new three-year term

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Veteran administrator Ehsan Mani

Veteran administrator Ehsan Mani is set to receive a new three-year term as chairman of Pakistan’s cricket board.

The confirmation came in the form of a statement from Manny outlining plans for next year and the Pakistan Super League. Earlier, there were doubts about Mani’s desire to extend another term, as well as whether the PCB’s main patron, Prime Minister Imran Khan, would offer him an extension.

The prime minister put Manny on the PCB in August shortly after his party won the 2018 general election. But insiders said during a recent meeting with Imran Khan in Islamabad, Manny agreed to run for another term. “The prime minister asked Manny to continue his good work and complete all the plans he had

launched to improve Pakistani cricket. “

In principle, Mani to extend another term means that CEO Wassim Khan, whose term expires in February 2022, will also continue for another term.

Recently, Wass Khan said in an interview that he wants to continue to monitor the completion of several projects in Pakistani cricket.

In a statement, Manny said that Pakistan will host a number of the best teams at home in the 2021/22 season, including Australia, England, New Zealand and the West Indies.

Manny also made it clear that while PCB was forced to end the matches of the Pakistan Super League 6 in Abu Dhabi due to the situation at Covid in Pakistan, it will fully host the tournament at home next year.

Manny also expressed confidence that by next year the situation with Covid-19 will be under control and viewers will be able to attend PSL and other international matches at home.

“PCB has always valued its fans and supporters and understands their contribution to the growth of the sport. Given that we as a nation have collectively and successfully managed the Covid-19 pandemic, I remain confident and optimistic that all our cricket in the 2021 season. 22, in which New Zealand, England, West Indies and Australia will also play in front of our fans.

“Fans are the essence and spirit of every sport. Without them, no event can be completely successful. The presence of fans was missed by PCB, players and all trading partners, but the other 20 matches in Abu Dhabi were organized in unusual times and difficult circumstances, “he said.



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