Oppo, Vivo has been advised to work on inward-folding phones

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Oppo is ready to have two foldable phones in standby – both come with a design that folds inwards. Oppo sibling Vivo reportedly plans to introduce its foldable phone with a similar experience inside. Separately, the Oppo is expected to have an “endless” phone in development with features, including an on-screen camera and pressure-sensitive side buttons. Although the portraitless phone is likely to be a concept, Oppo is likely to reveal some details about its foldable phones in the near future.

Hint for Weibo he claimed that Oppo develops its foldable phones in 8- and 7-inch display sizes. The 7-inch model reportedly approached mass production in January. It is also likely to arrive on the market first – before the announced 8-inch model, which may debut later.

In 2019, Oppo introduced its own folding prototype phone which had an external folding design similar to the original Huawei Mate X. The same tipster that provided details on the two new foldable Oppo phones, also last month shared that the Chinese company will introduce its first foldable phone in the second quarter of this year.

Along with rumors of details about Oppo’s foldable phones, Vivo there is advice to have a similar folding phone under development. The tipster said the Vivo’s offering will be 8 inches in size and will have a 6.5-inch secondary display on the front. The phone is also advertised to have a high refresh rate and an “impressive” hinge design.

The tipster, too talked about the endless Oppo phone, which is said to have a camera under the display and pressure-sensitive side buttons. It is said that this model also has a special structural design to hide the built-in USB Type-C port.

Last year, alive brought the APEX 2020 concept phone with 120-degree curved borderless display, selfie camera under the display and wireless charging. However, the Vivo does not include cable charging support to offer a minimal design.

Gadgets 360 was unable to immediately verify the reported details during the submission of this story.

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