OnePlus becomes a subbrand of Oppo, leaking notes

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OnePlus is now a subbrand of Oppo as a result of the merger of the two, shows an expired note. Both OnePlus and Oppo also claim that they have not answered questions about their operating system plans and whether OnePlus’s OxygenOS will merge with Oppo’s ColorOS or vice versa. The leak is a set of guidelines in response to the merger, which OnePlus co-founder and CEO Pete Lau announced last week. Lau said that “after seeing the positive impact” of the existing collaboration, OnePlus decided to “further integrate” its organization with Oppo. However, he did not specify in detail how the integration would work.

Tipster Evan Blas expired a Twitter document that appears to be an internal conversation note that can be used by the public relations department of OnePlus.

“With integration, OnePlus is becoming an internal brand Oppo, however, will continue to operate as an independent entity, ”reads the answer to the question about the new connection between OnePlus and Oppo and whether the former will continue to operate independently.

The note repeats what Lau wrote in his forum post last week and stressed that the merger would help OnePlus and Oppo “streamline resources” and improve their efficiency. He also emphasizes that Lau currently controls the product strategies of both OnePlus and Oppo.

Lau joined Oppo’s holding company last year OPlus which also owns a majority stake in OnePlus.

The note also includes a note instructing employees to refrain from answering any questions related to operating systems – both OxygenOS and ColorOS.

OnePlus offered OxygenOS on its phones, which is known for offering an almost exhaustive experience. Oppo, on the other hand, offers ColorOS, which is a heavily modified custom skin. Although there are no changes in the software front in global markets, OnePlus decided earlier this year to replace it HydrogenOS – The Chinese version of OxygenOS – with Oppo’s ColorOS.

“With the merger of the two companies, we will have more resources to create even better products. It will also allow us to be more efficient in our operations, ”the merger concludes.

He also mentioned that there will be no changes in customer contact channels and public relations, as OnePlus and Oppo will remain independent brands – at least in these parts. In addition, the expired note states that the user data that OnePlus receives from devices will continue to be stored on its own servers.

Overall, the merger of OnePlus and Oppo is unlikely to lead to significant changes for consumers, as both already share their production and supply chain. Last year, the companies decided to integrate their R&D more deeply. However, it is currently unclear how OnePlus will position its future devices relative to those offered by the Oppo brand in order to remain competitive with consumers.



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