One Week Nightmare: R Ashwin’s wife says 10 members of the house returned COVID-19 positive

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Image source: DELHI CAPITALS

R Ashwin

India’s wife, Ravichandran Ashin, Priti Narayanan, in India, said her family had experienced a “week-long nightmare” after about 10 members of the house had tested positive for COVID-19.

Star spinner Ashwin decided on Sunday to take a break from the ongoing IPL to support his family during the pandemic. Days after her husband withdrew from the lucrative league, Priti, in a series of tweets, shared the ordeal her family faced after being infected with the highly contagious virus.

“I feel good enough to say hello to all of you. 6 adults and 4 children finished with testing + the same week, and our children were the means of transmission – the core of my family, all with the virus in different homes / hospitals. A nightmare for a week. 1 in 3 parents at home, “she tweeted.

“Get the vaccine. Give yourself and your family the best chance to fight it.

“I guess physical health will recover faster than mental. Days 5-8 were absolutely the worst for me. Everyone was there, offering help, but no one with you. The most isolating disease. Please visit and look. help.

“The headache that this virus causes needs its own thread on Twitter.”

Ashwin, 34, has signed with Delhi Capitals this season and hopes to step back, “if things go in the right direction.” Ashwin became the first Indian to retire from the league due to the situation with COVID-19 in the family.

“I would take a break from this year’s IPL from tomorrow. My family and extended family are fighting # COVID19 and I want to support them during these difficult times,” Ashwin posted on his Twitter page after DC’s game against Sunrisers Hyderabad in Sunday night.

His franchise promises him full support. India has registered more than 3.50 nail polish cases every day for the past few days and health infrastructure is struggling to cope with the growing shortage of oxygen and some crucial drugs, adding to the crisis.



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