On this day: Brendan McCallum hits 54-ball Test Century in his latest Test | I am watching a video

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Photo of a file by Brandon McCallum.

Brendon McCullum is an evergreen name in the history of cricket, whose only presence in the middle of the field left the fans in the hope that something good will soon be offered that will set their mood for the rest of the day. Whether it’s setting the tone for the opening year of 2008 IPL with bubbles 158 or a quick triple century in Test, his career has been sporadically filled with some memorable passes that cricket fans loved to remember from time to time.

And as we get on our toes in 2021, on that very day in 2016, McCallum played an incredible knock in his familiar looting style, which is still high in the record book. And what occasion did he choose to be, as this was his last test match against arch-rival Australia, as he pushed them around the park for the fastest century in test cricket.

He hit a four-pointer in the second ball of his inning in Christchurch, while his team had problems at 32/3. But the situation did not stop McCallum’s mood for the day when he started hitting the bowling kangaroo with his bat.

McCallum continued to play fast kicks in the red ball games and finished his century in 79 minutes with just 54 balls. Thanks to which he became the fastest batsman in the world of test cricket and his inning became history.



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