Olympic Amit Panghal on Asian C-chips: My best performance, but still angry about the last loss

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Amit Pangal

He is still a little angry about the “unfair” loss in the finals, but Indian boxer Amit Pangal (52kg), Olympic, described his silver medal at the Asian Championships as the best in his career so far.

The 25-year-old boxer from Haryana was a defender of the champion before losing to the old enemy, the current world and Olympic champion of Uzbekistan Shahobidin Zoirov in the final of the event in Dubai.

The result was 3-2 in favor of the protest of the Uzbek and Indian teams, seeking a review of the second round of the match, was rejected by the jury.

“This is my best performance in the 52kg category. I had to win this final and I was angry when I didn’t,” said Panghal, the reigning Asian Games champion, in an interview with PTI.

“I had done my best and I felt I deserved to win, but it’s good, it can happen. It was still much better than the last time I lost to him. The score line narrowed to 2-3, it was 0-5 earlier “, he said on the occasion of the final loss of the World Cup by Zoirov in 2019.

“The contingent is protesting against the decision, we could have been a little stronger, but it’s good, at least we tried,” he said.

He may be proud of his performance, but Pangal said he has armor in his armor that he invented and will iron before the Olympics.

“I improved, but my third rounds could be better. I don’t think I get enough points in the third round. I improved enough to ensure that my first rounds start early, I used retention earlier,” he said. he.

Considered one of India’s strongest bets on a medal at the Tokyo Olympics, Pangal’s performance in the Asian Championships was quite captivating.

If his pace attracted attention in the quarters, the semi-final victory was a master class in effective boxing at close range. The newly discovered ability to score through body shots while holding clinches was another addition to the skill set.

“This was the first time I tried this (drilling during clinching),” Pangal said. “That’s something my personal trainer Anil Dunker G taught me. He told me that the clinches shouldn’t be to stop, that I should keep hitting. I’ve worked on that,” he added.

Danker was not in person in Dubai to lead Pangal to the event, and the little boxer said he missed his presence, but what if his formative coach misses the flight to Tokyo?

Will this matter how his performance at the games is shaped? “I will introduce myself, I will give it in the best way, but if I have it with me, it will certainly help me. This is my idea. If he cannot be there, I will contact him by phone and he he will still lead me, “I said.

In addition to the tension in the performance, the athletes who are preparing for this year’s Olympics are also dealing with the anxiety of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pangal said he also has his worries, but they will not interfere with what he is doing in the ring.

“Practice to break hua hi hai (Our practice is broken). Another fear we face is that if we take a test and are quarantined, we will miss a very important time of training. We can’t afford that. now.

“And in case one of our sparring partners turns out to be positive, then we will also be at a loss. So yes, that sometimes plays on my mind,” he explained.

“When we went to Spain for a tournament earlier this year, I felt I wasn’t prepared at all,” he said.

Pangal had lost in the quarters of this tournament in March. But the Olympics came, he promises to be in his best shape.

“The Pehla bhi hai Olympics, saath mein COVID bhi hai (My first Olympics and this COVID is also there), let’s see what happens, but I intend to make it special,” he signed with a broad grin.



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