Oh no! Euro 2020 is accumulating its own goals at a wild pace

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Slovakia goalkeeper Martin Dubravka scored an own goal as he tried to clear the ball during a Group E match at the Euro 2020 football championship between Slovakia and Spain at La Cartuja Stadium in Seville, Spain, on Wednesday (June). 23.

The own goals of this year’s European Championship come at an incredible – and record – pace.

Two own goals scored by Slovakia on Wednesday in Spain’s 5-0 victory have made eight so far at Euro 2020. This is already five more than the record of three tournaments set at Euro 2016.

The first accident in Slovakia happened when goalkeeper Martin Dubravka pushed a high ricochet from the crossbar into his own net. Then Juraj Kutska knocked in the final goal of the defeat in Seville.

Previously, only nine own goals were scored in 40 years from the 1976 tournament to Euro 2016. And before that year, there had never been a European Championship match with two own goals. There were two last week.

Portugal also scored two on Saturday, with an interval of four minutes. Defenders Ruben Diaz and Rafael Guerreiro gave Germany a 2-1 lead in a match that the Germans eventually won 4-2.

The goal scorers of all eight own goals in the group stage were in the losing team, including German defender Mats Hummels in France’s 1-0 victory.

The list includes three goalkeepers who have had varying degrees of luck.

Poland goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny was unlucky that a Slovak opponent’s shot bounced off the crossbar and into the back of his hand to enter. Finn Lukasz Hradecki was a little awkward and reached for a ball that bounced off the crossbar of Belgian defender Thomas Vermaelen.

Dubravka’s mistake on Wednesday was more difficult to explain and came minutes after he dived to save a penalty from Alvaro Morata.

When Euro 2016 set the record five years ago, it was the first edition of 24 teams in the tournament. The 51 games were an increase of 20 over the previous 16-team format.

After the games on Wednesday, there will be 15 more games to add to your own goal selection.



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