Nintendo has partnered with Pokemon Go Maker Niantic in the Pikmin Mobile Game

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Nintendo said Tuesday that it has partnered with app developer Pokemon Go Niantic to create augmented reality (AR) titles with the Pikmin-themed app, which launches this year.

Partnership can breathe life On Nintendo stopped mobile ambitions after the company tried to reproduce the appeal of Pokemon Go, which has become a social phenomenon as gamers have spilled the streets to “catch” Pokemon with their phones.

The first mobile adaptation of the long-running Pikmin franchise, in which users direct hordes of plant-like Pikmin creatures to complete puzzles, is being developed by Niantic’s Tokyo studio in 2018.

“Niantic’s AR technology has allowed us to experience the world as if Pikmin lives secretly all around us,” Nintendo veteran game creator Shigeru Miyamoto said in a statement.

The app “will make walking more fun with Pikmin. It will be very different from Pokemon Go,” wrote Tatsuo Nomura, head of Niantic’s Tokyo studio, in a Twitter post.

The mobile versions of Nintendo do not perform well enough and lag behind in the time outlined by the manual. Unusual applications supported by Nintendo with game elements include the Pokemon Smile brushing application and the upcoming Pokemon Sleep tracking application.

The Pikmin app is unlikely to “set the world on fire, as Pokemon did. Every grandparent knows Pokemon, but only gamers know Pikmin, ”said Serkan Toto, founder of Kantan Games, a gaming industry consulting firm.

The San Francisco-based Niantic has launched Harry Potter thematic application in 2019, but it did not reach the top of Pokemon Go, which was developed with the subsidiary of Nintendo The Pokemon Company and left Nintendo with only a small part of the revenue.

The Kyoto-based gaming company’s efforts to expand games outside the console were spurred last week by the late opening of the Super Nintendo World area at Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan.

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