Netflix, Keanu Reeves join forces in Brzrkr, Anime Spin-Off Series

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Keanu Reeves and Netflix are going crazy – or rather “Brzrkr”. On Monday, Netflix announced that it was developing a live movie and anime series based on Brzrkr, The Boom! The Studios comic created by Reeves. The Matrix star will host and produce the film Brzrkr, as well as voice the character in the anime series Brzrkr. Brzrkr is about B, an 80,000-year struggle of an inhuman warrior of a half-man and a demigod over the centuries, cursed and forced into violence. He eventually finds refuge working for the US government, which in return for waging their most extreme battles will help B discover the truth about his endlessly bloody existence – and how to end it.

Created by Reeves, The 12-issue limited series Brzrkr, published by Boom! Studios released earlier this month on March 3rd. The introductory issue has sold more than 615,000 copies, making it the best-selling start for Boom! Studies after almost three decades. Reeves developed the idea for several years and collaborated with New York Times bestseller Matt Kind to bring Brzrkr to life, along with illustrator and famous a miracle artist Ron Garni, colorist Bill Crabtree, letter Clem Robbins and character and cover designer Rafael Grampa.

While the film Brzrkr will adapt the comic, the anime series Brzrkr will expand the Brzrkr universe by exploring various elements of the story. For Reeves, this is a sequel to the action character he built, especially with his work in John Wick franchise. On Brzrkr, Boom! Ross Richie and Stephen Christie of Studios and Stephen Hamel of Company Films will also serve as producers with Reeves, along with Boom! Adam Joelin of Studios as executive producer. Brzrkr is part of Boom! Studios’ first deal for Netflix.

Reeves was last seen as a rocker who became a terrorist Johnny Silverhand in the troubled video game Cyberpunk 2077. His last film role was in the sci-fi comedy “Bill and Ted Face Music.” Reeves will then be seen in The Matrix 4 – returning to his most famous role as Neo – who recently completed filming. Matrix 4 should appear through December. Reeves is set to wear the John Wick costume as production of the John Wick 4 soon begins in the spring of 2021. John Wick 4, scheduled for May 2022, will shoot back to back with John Wick 5.



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