My focus is on keeping fit and securing a place on the Tokyo-related team: Khokhar

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My focus is on keeping fit and securing a place on the Tokyo-related team: Khokhar

Indian women’s hockey defender Riina Hokhar said on Saturday that she does not think too much about the upcoming Olympics and is focused mainly on staying on top of her game and remaining able to secure a place in the squad related to games in Tokyo.

If chosen, it would be Hokar’s first trip to the Olympics, a dream she desperately wants to make.

“The pressure is growing when you think about the future. So we are trying to stay in the present,” Hohar said ahead of the four-year event, which is set to begin in Tokyo on July 23rd.

“We just work hard because we have less than 60 days left. Everyone is focused on doing things perfectly, not having casual sessions.

“We don’t have much time left, so each of us also pays attention to small things like diet, fitness and even pays attention to injuries, because right now these little things really matter the most.”

The 28-year-old defender stressed that the team has won many of the sessions conducted by analytical coach Janeke Shopman.

“We attend these sessions twice a week and do all kinds of breathing exercises,” she said.

“I feel that it helps us a lot to stay calm and be in the present moment during our training. This creates positive energy around the team and is a very good exercise, introduced by both Janneke and our head coach Sjoerd Marijne.”

Asked how she personally approached the four-year event, the defender said: “The first thing that comes to mind is whether I will be on the team or not.

“And obviously this thought is playing out in everyone’s mind. But it’s not something that really worries me. I just want to keep working hard and keep doing what I’ve been doing without thinking too much,” she said. .



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