Mumbai police are asking you not to reply to all WhatsApp messages: Find out why

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Mumbai police are always on the lookout for creative ways to spread important social media messages on social media. From compliance with road safety rules to COVID-19 standards, the police department knows how to kill vital messages on its various social media platforms. In a brilliant Instagram post on April 22, Mumbai police once again used wit and humor to emphasize the importance of staying home to curb the wave of positive cases of COVID-19. The message read: “Kyunki Har Message Ka Reply Dena Zaruri Nahin Hota Hai!” (Not all messages require a response!) There is a screen showing realistic mockery of WhatsApp chats.

It shows a number of contacts (called Business Friend, Travel Friend, Community Friend, etc.) who ask a person to meet outdoors. The messages range from “Let’s get some air!” To “Do you want to eat outdoors?” The person to whom these messages were addressed simply ignored them, suggesting that going out for some air, dinner, or a walk could mean an invitation to the coronavirus home.

The post received over 16,000 “likes”, leaving users with a stream of appreciative and funny comments. While a user named lovelysingh8889 commented, “Keep motivated police in Mumbai,” another user jeetesh_chavan wrote, “Sometimes it’s good to say NO.” Another user, tia_theimageacademy, commented on “Bang on”, while vibhuti_matale praised the ingenuity of the police department and wrote “@mumbaipolice enhance their media game. Come on. “

In one of the funnier comments, samp37_ even wrote, “No wonder my crush gets ideas to ignore my messages.”

Even in the past, Mumbai police posted fun and witty solutions to various issues on their social media to raise awareness. In March, the police department posted a series of ads on Twitter to emphasize the need to wear masks. They were a game of slogans of popular brands.

Earlier, Mumbai police had added a creative twist to the 90’s hit track “Aaj main upar, aasmaan neeche” from Khamoshi: The Musical to spread awareness about COVID-19.

On April 1, they also had a fun and interesting approach to those controversial COVID-19 regulations. There was an image on their Instagram post that read, “The pandemic is over.” The caption reads, “He thinks the fool is roaming without a mask.”

On Thursday, April 22, Maharashtra registered 67,013 new cases and has more than 6.99 easy cases. With them, the total number of COVID-19 cases in the state is now over 40.9 lakhs.

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