MS Dhoni told me to enjoy my cricket after not performing well in the first three games: Ruturaj Gaikwad

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Ruturaj Gaikwad

Chennai, March 27 (PTI) Chennai Super Kings top-ranked batsman Ruturaj Gaikwad said the comforting words of captain MS Dhoni, after failing well in his first three games, helped him perform at the back end with free mind.

Gaikwad fell early in the first three outings before scoring 65, not against Royal Challengers Bangalore, 72 against Kolkata Knight Riders and 62 against Kings XI Punjab (renamed Punjab Kings).

He said Captain Donnie’s words after the third game released him.

“Dhoni told me to enjoy my cricket and not think about the result … just enjoy the atmosphere, be calm and after a glance, he was confident that I would be able to make an impact,” the Maharashtra batsman was quoted as saying. as the CSK website says.

“I think it was a good reminder for me, because all I was looking for was the result and I didn’t think about the process. So it helped me a lot coming from it,” Gaikwad added.

“There is no pressure,” Gaikwad said, looking forward to this season, which begins on April 9.

In the world of CSK and Dhoni, “process” is the key word.

“It’s because of the environment I’m in, where the focus is on the process, not the outcome. I just want to enjoy the process and make sure I contribute to every opportunity I get for CSK,” he added.

The 24-year-old highlighted his talent for the last time IPL season, scoring three consecutive fifties as three-time CSK champions signed the league phase with three trot victories.

Guykwad had to spend more time with Donnie during this season’s pre-season camp in Chennai and said he needed to learn important lessons from the legendary cricket.

“One of the important lessons I learned from Donnie is that there will be good and bad days in cricket as well as in life, but what really matters is how honest you are with yourself, stay neutral in both situations and accept the fact that every day you win is not your day. But whenever it’s your day, it’s important to try to make it count, “he signed.

CSK will launch its campaign against Delhi Capitals in Mumbai on April 10.



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