Microsoft may soon release a cloud service, update the Windows 10 Store app

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The Microsoft Cloud PC service could launch in June or early July this year, the report said. The company is working on this service, codenamed “Project Deschutes”, which can offer a virtualized Windows experience for a fee. It is powered by Microsoft Azure’s cloud computing service and will allow users to access Windows Remote Desktop on their devices. Separately, another report says the company also plans to update the Microsoft Store app for Windows 10 with some visual and developer-related changes.

A report from ZDNet citing sources says that Microsoft may launch its Cloud PC service in June or early July this year. The company has its annual Microsoft Inspire Global Partner Conference scheduled for July 14, where he can present his cloud computing service. The report says the timing of the launch of the Cloud PC service makes sense, as the annual conference will allow Microsoft to bring partners on board to help sell the service.

It’s a cloud PC Azure Windows – based virtualized experience that will give users access to secure and up – to – date Windows. This would allow an organization to provide its employees with a secure and controlled Windows experience where they can run office applications on their own systems. It can also be used on machines with Windows 10X that cannot run several regular Windows applications. The report added that Microsoft plans to sell the Cloud PC as part of a subscription to Microsoft 365 with a user fee.

The service is also said to have different levels – Medium, heavy, advanced – depending on the load requirement.

In related news, Microsoft plans to update the Store app for Windows 10 with a visual revision and some changes in its policies, according to a report from Windows Central with reference to sources. The new Store app is said to have a new layout, user interface design, smooth animations and iconography. The Store app will be updated monthly and is said to provide a more stable download and installation experience for large applications. The report adds that there are three major changes to the Store app, which include allowing developers to send unpackaged Win32 apps to the store. Developers will be able to use third-party trading platforms in purchasing applications, effectively bypassing Microsoft’s own platform. They can also host applications and updates on their own content delivery network, according to the report.

The report also says that with the new updated Store app, Microsoft will bring initial applications such as Teams, Office, Edge and Visual Studio to the Microsoft Store. The updated Store app is expected to come out this fall with Windows 10 Sun Valley update.

It should be noted that Microsoft has not yet shared information about the launch of its cloud service or new Store app for Windows 10.

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