Michael Vaughn clings to Virat Collie after Indian skipper calls for best of three WTC finals

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Michael Vaughn clings to Virat Collie after Indian skipper calls for best of three WTC finals

After India’s eighth defeat in the final of the World Test Championship (WTC) against New Zealand, skipper Virat Kohli repeated the opinion of head coach Ravi Shastri and called for the final as the best of the three.

Collie believes that the best team in the world should not be decided by a one-off game, as it was in the introductory edition. The Indian division had lost its initial tests against Australia and England before organizing a stellar return.

However, Collie’s men were shaken in the one-time test against New Zealand in Southampton. The skipper himself had a colorless outing with the bat, falling victim to his RCB teammate Kyle Jamieson in both passes of the tent final.

“Look, first of all, I don’t absolutely agree to decide the best side of the test within a game, to be very honest. If it’s a series of tests, it has to be a character test in three tests,” he said. Cars at the post-match press conference.

“Which team has the ability to return to the series (must be a factor) … It can’t just be [about] pressure applied for two days good cricket and suddenly you are no longer a good party to test. I don’t believe in that, “he said.

Former England captain Michael Vaughn, known for his candid opinions on social media, is reluctant to dig up Collie. Vaughn questioned whether IPL will reduce its length to accommodate the best of the three WTC finals. The ashes-The winning captain also said that winning one-off finals helps a player or team achieve greatness.

“Where would you fit in the schedule?” Will the IPL reduce the year of the final tournament by 2 weeks so that it can fit? I doubt it …: Finals are one-off games where teams / people know they have to deliver … that’s what makes them so great, “tweeted Vaughn.

Unlike Collie, a New Zealand skipper Kane Williamson had a different view of the WTC final as a one-time test. He said the one-off final provided “unique dynamics” to make the title clash exciting.

“I guess the exciting part of the final is that anything can happen. We know how volatile cricket is and we’ve seen it in other competitions, other world championships and all the other tracks. The one-time factor brings a unique dynamic that makes it exciting.” said Williamson.



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