Mi 11 Ultra on sale in India: Everything you need to know

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Sales of the Mi 11 Ultra in India are not yet live, but Xiaomi has already announced that the flagship phone will be available in limited quantities for customers who have purchased a special gift card and for those participating in an online contest. The smartphone launched in the country in April and was promised to go on sale soon after. However, the Chinese company postponed the sale of the Mi 11 Ultra last month, citing supply and production restrictions due to blockages caused by the coronavirus.

Mi 11 Ultra sale in India: Details

Xiaomi there is announced that customers will receive “guaranteed access” to sales in limited quantities Mi 11 Ultra by purchasing an “ultra gift card” from Rs. 1 999. Customers who purchase the gift card will also receive two free screen replacements worth Rs. 4 099, Ultrafan Superfan box, annual membership of Times Prime worth Rs. 999 and additional Mi 11 Ultra F-Code for sharing.

Customers who wanted to purchase the Mi 11 Ultra must log in with their account and buy an ultra gift card. The card is especially available for both color ceramic white and ceramic black versions of the Mi 11 Ultra. This means that you have to choose which color you want when buying the card. The gift card itself will also be available in limited quantities and will be given on a first-come, first-served basis.

Once the gift card is purchased, customers will have access to a limited number of sales, which may not last for days. The company will display the Ultra F-code in the accounts section of the customers who purchased the gift card on the day of the sale. The F-code will be applicable for up to 24 hours.

It is important to note that Xiaomi has not yet provided details on how many units it will provide during the limited quantity sale. The phone will also be shipped at a later date after the purchase, which is yet to be made public.

The gift card intended for the purchase of the Mi 11 Ultra cannot be redeemed for money or online transfer, although customers can use it to purchase other items available on or the Mi Store app.

In addition to purchases restricted by a special gift card, Xiaomi has started his race this includes three challenges in which customers can participate through social media. The first challenge is now live and requires customers to use certain hashtags and mark Xiaomi @xiaomiindia’s social media account to participate. However, the company will not give all participants a chance to buy the Mi 11 Ultra immediately. Instead, he promised to select a few random bidders for the sale.

Xiaomi seems to be planning to make extra noise for the Mi 11 Ultra by using the two different ways to sell it, instead of organizing a simple sale with a limited quantity. he often does for his budget and mid-range phones. However, given the price of the smartphone that stands on Rs. 69 990, it is not clear how many users would like to go through the complex mechanism.



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