Messi’s 34th birthday brings no joy with the inevitable departure from Barcelona in just six days

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As Lionel Messi turns 34, India TV takes a look at his lucrative career, laden with goals and trophies.

The affection, which has lasted for more than two decades, has not made any Barcelona fan understand this. Lionel Messi, who was born far from Catalonia in his native Argentina – exactly on this day 34 years ago – just to become his own through the youth system of the club La Masia, will give up what is called Mes Que Un Club; obviously and proudly translated by their fans as “more than a club”.

Last year’s controversial dispute with the club saw Messi express his resentment against then-Barça president Josep Bartomeu over broken promises and had no thoughts of leaving the club just to be forced to stay. This time, however, the fear is much worse, as the contract, which expires at midnight on June 30, has only six days left. Especially when Messi remains evasive about future commitments.

Of course, it can be argued that the Argentine magician is focused on achieving his ultimate dream of winning a big title with the national team in the ongoing Copa America. However, when it comes to the conclusion that with the confirmed qualification for the last 16 and a dead tire against low Bolivia in five days and that Messi still can not find time for the already prepared new contract for Barcelona, ​​it makes no sense.

For those who are unaware, current club president Joan Laporta, who has maintained a strong relationship with the player over the years, has already announced that Messi’s new contract is ready and simply requires his signature. However, given the club’s huge debts, it is no secret that the proposed new contract cannot match its current lucrative deal, which costs the club more than 100m euros a year. In fact, Laporta also publicly admitted that he could not afford Messi’s current salaries.

Instead, the club tried to compensate him by providing a long-term relationship with the player, where he would receive remuneration from the club, even after his retirement in the following years.

However, as Gulf-backed clubs such as Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain offer offers that not only match his current pay, but exceed it, it must be tempting and challenging for a player who will not mind A new challenge in his career is often called one-dimensional to succeed on the path of Barça.

And without major titles (the only success of the Copa Del Rey), using the tried and tested formula of the Catalans in the last two seasons, gives Messi more reason to leave the club with money.

In fact, he himself has not given fans confidence in his future. Messi’s last statement on his transfer came in December last year, when he said he did not want to talk about his future until the end of the season, but kept his mother on the issue at all the Copa America press conferences he attended; not to forget that his face is missing at the start of the set for the 2021-22 season of Barcelona.

However, all hopes are not lost for Barça fans, as his father Jorge Messi met with Laporte at lunch in mid-April and this suggests that a lot can happen behind the scenes and most importantly, do not forget the connection and love he shares with the club’s millions of fans.



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