Manchester United is working with police to identify violent protesters

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Image source: AP

Banners near the stadium as fans protest the Glaser family, owners of Manchester United, before their Premier League match against Liverpool at Old Trafford, Manchester, England, Sunday, May 2

Manchester United will work with police to identify fans who forcibly opened the door to Old Trafford before invading the field in protests that forced the cancellation of the Premier League match against Liverpool, the club said on Monday.

United have said they will not seek penalties for those fans who protested peacefully, including those outside the stadium.

“Although many fans wanted to exercise their right to protest and express their views peacefully,” a statement from United said, “some intended to disrupt the team’s preparation and the game itself, as evidenced by hotel activity. Lowry and the stadium. “

The first details of the investigation were released, as United said speculation, derived from Manchester United’s confidence that the protesters had access to the stadium through a gate left open by club staff, was “completely incorrect”.

“After breaking through barriers and security in the front yard, some protesters climbed the gates at the end of the Munich tunnel, then forced access to a side door in the rostrum before opening an outer door to lead others to the bay area “United said.

“A second violation occurred when a protester smashed the door of an elevator for disabled access, allowing a group to enter the booth.”

Violence erupted near the time the game was due to begin on Sunday afternoon, when police with truncheons faced fans throwing glass bottles to disperse the crowd from the hall in front of Old Trafford.

“Most of our fans have and will condemn criminal damage, along with any violence against club staff, police or other fans, and they are already becoming a police issue,” United said.

“The club is reluctant to see punished peaceful protesters, but will work with police to identify those involved in criminal activity and will also issue its own sanctions to any season ticket holder or identified member.”

A new date for the competition is yet to come, with less than three weeks of the season left in the Premier League. There has yet to be a direct response to fans’ requests to engage directly with the Glaser family, which owns the club.

“We remain committed to dialogue and engagement with our fans through the Fan Forum and other relevant channels,” United said.



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