Manchester United fans attacked before the Europa League final

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A detailed view of the corner flag of the “Gdansk Final 2021” can be seen during the training session of Manchester United before the final of the UEFA Europa League between Villarreal and Manchester United in Gdansk Arena on May 25

Manchester United fans were attacked in front of a bar in Gdansk on the eve of the Europa League final, the club announced on Wednesday.

United play Villarreal on Wednesday night in the Polish port city.

“The club’s staff helped a number of United fans in Gdansk last night and today, after an incident in which some of our supporters were attacked in front of a bar in the city,” United said.

No serious injuries were reported immediately.

Up to 30 attackers may be involved, Gdansk police spokesman Michal Sienkiewicz told Polish TVN24 on Wednesday. They left before police arrived, he said.

“It all took seconds, not minutes, and then the attackers dispersed,” Sienkiewicz said. “Most likely we will publish the images of people who participated in the event. Arrests are only a matter of time. “

Gdansk Mayor Alexandra Dulkiewicz said on Twitter that “there is no room in our city for any form of violence! Dear fans and guests, you are always welcome in our city.”

United and Villarreal received 2,000 tickets each. The maximum crowd of 9,500 is allowed for the final or just under 25% of the stadium’s capacity.



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