Malware alert! Here’s how you can detect them on your phone

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Is your phone behaving strangely? Blame ‘malicious software’, or malware for short. If you believed it was only computers that can get viruses, think again. Tablets and smartphones are just as vulnerable, if not more.

And though it will break a lot of hearts, iPhones are not safe either. Here’s how you can detect malware and save your mobile phone operating systems a world of trouble.

Surge in Data Usage

It is the first sign that something is not right with your phone. A sudden increase usually translates into the phone being infected with a virus. Besides the added pressure on your phone, it also results in high data bills.

Smartphone Not Smart

We often face issues of phone lagging, or phones slowing down. It is something we generally overlook. But if it is a frequent problem, it may mean a malware is using the phone resources.

Battery Drain

Do you have to charge your phone a few times to get you through the day? It is the most significant sign of a malware attack. It means there is some app that is hidden and secretly using up your battery in the background.

A Jailbroken iPhone

Jailbreaking strips an iPhone of its built-in safety, leaving it vulnerable to malware. Be careful from where and how you are purchasing your iPhone. If it comes cheap, you are asking for trouble.

Apps Crashing

Apps do crash from time to time, but that should not be a repeated occurrence. If it’s almost a routine, malware must be at play. Make sure to update the apps or delete and download afresh the offending one.

Too Hot to Handle

Another significant sign that translates into a malware-infected phone is if it’s hot to the touch. A smartphone ideally should not be overheating; so when it does, a virus scan is a must to check for malware.

Unfamiliar Apps

Do you have unknown apps getting installed automatically? It’s time for a virus clean. Such apps not only use up resources, but also store data that could be sensitive.


Just like computers, smartphones infected with malware also fall prey to pop-ups. The rule of thumb should be to never click on any link in a pop-up. One click can lead to a truckload of virus.


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