Lock in Delhi: How to get an E-Pass for travel during the restriction

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Delhi’s closure has been announced by Prime Minister Arvind Keirival as daily cases of COVID-19 continue to grow rapidly. Although the government restricts normal traffic and allows only basic services, selected individuals can apply for an electronic travel card during the blockade of the state. The Delhi government website provides a provision to apply for an electronic card online for people involved in sectors including banking, food delivery, pharmaceuticals and private security, among others. The goal of limiting e-passes to several sectors is to reduce traffic and limit the spread of COVID-19 in the capital.

The lock in Delhi will take effect from 22:00 today, April 19 and will last until 5 am on April 26, according to the order of the Government of Delhi, which was communicated to the public through a virtual press conference on Monday.

How to apply for an e-pass during a lock in Delhi

Before going through the steps on how you can apply for an e-card during the lock in Delhi, it is important to note that e-cards are only available to people involved in basic services and will not be provided to people who just want to move out of their homes for fun or social gatherings. You also don’t need to apply again if you are you already have an e-card for the evening / weekend. In addition, you do not need an electronic pass in case of walking to take advantage of basic services.

  1. Fill in your details, such as phone number, name and address.

  2. Select the type of service you are performing, and then select the dates and times you need to retire for that service.

  3. Now upload the government-issued Aadhaar ID / card, a soft copy.

  4. You will also need to upload a letter from your employer or the owner of your company or business.

  5. Click the checkbox for your confirmation.

  6. Now press Sending button.

You will receive your e-pass number once the data has been sent.

Some people had initially reported problems with the government website in Delhi while applying for electronic passes, although it has started working now. Several users also stated that their e-pass requests were rejected for no good reason, which could be due to a problem with the website.

The government has released some units of people, including pregnant women and patients, medical staff, people coming to or from airports, students taking exams, exam staff assigned to exam duties, court staff, electronic and print media, and government employees These people, however, must carry proof or a valid ID card when traveling. The lock also has an exception for interstate and domestic movement / transportation of basic goods.

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