Living in the present is Dipica Kumari’s mantra as an Olympic approach

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Living in the present is the mantra of Deepika Kumari as an Olympic approach

Deepika Kumari would neither cling to the specter of the past nor want to peek into the future, rather the Indian ace shooter wants to maintain a Zen-like focus for the remaining 26 days before the Tokyo Olympics to prepare as best he can. the good way.

Deepika rekindled hopes for a good show at the Games by taking a hat-trick with gold medals in the unprecedented scale of India in stage 3 of the World Cup in Paris on Sunday.

The former world number one, who is the best bet for a medal in India in archery, was wrong in both previous appearances, but she hopes to achieve this time, gaining experience.

“It’s very important to live in the present without thinking too much about the future. I only have 26 days left. That’s all. It’s about giving my best now,” Deepika told PTI Paris after her amazing performance. .

Asked if her previous experience would help, she said: “It helps, but every game is different. I can’t say that this time there will be less pressure. Everyone has a fear factor, but it’s about dealing with the situation in this day. “

Often frustrated with her mind game, she says, “I’m working on a few things mentally. It was about doing it right and doing it well.”

All the 27-year-old woman wants is not to face any obstacles while starting her last training. Competitors must undergo COVID-19 tests daily, seven days before leaving for the Games.

“We are not yet familiar with the schedule, everything comes at the last minute. We have no problem with testing, we just hope that our practice will not be difficult and there is less distraction,” said world number three.

Deepika has secured a ticket to the 2019 Tokyo Games.

India on Sunday won the individual competitions for women, women’s teams and mixed doubles with a Deepika constant in each, playing four matches four in less than five hours.

Just a week later, the fictional Indian shooters face a lot of trouble for a staggering loss to Colombia to miss the Olympic team’s qualifiers.

The monkey was on their backs and a combination of carefree and calm shooting did the trick for them to get the unprecedented result, Deepika said.

“We were demoralized after losing to Colombia. She (the Olympic qualifying team) took all our energy, so everyone was calm.

“Honestly, there was no pressure in the World Cup. There was nothing to lose, we just had to do our best and that helped,” she said.

The trio of Deepika and the inexperienced duo Ankita Bhakat and Komalika Bari beat Mexico 5-1 without starting a set to open India’s gold rush on the last day.

“Maybe we were too focused (for the Olympic qualifiers). Sometimes that affects your performances. We made small mistakes and we couldn’t control them,” she said.

Deepika raised the team’s morale and told his teammates to look ahead as the next Olympics will be around the corner.

“I just told them that we can learn from our mistakes and work mentally. They have a lot of time left. The next Olympics is only three years away. They will feel that the Olympics will come at any time after that. So it’s more good to get out of it and look ahead and prepare well for the next tournament, “said Deepika.

The lack of Korea and other Asian burdens China and China Taipei have facilitated the work of Indians, Deepika acknowledged.

“Not that we had a cake. They give some tough competition, so it was a matter of dealing with yourself,” she concluded.



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