Listening to Eoin Morgan, Rohit Sharma received a fine for speeding was music to my ears: Kevin Pietersen

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Rohit Sharma and Rishabh Pant

Former England batsman Kevin Petersen is pleased to see a skipper of the Mumbai Indians Rohit Sharma and captain of the Kolkata Knight Riders Eoin Morgan be fined for a slow pace in the Indian Premier League.

Petersen said there is no room for delay in T20 cricket, as it is an entertainment package that needs to be short and sharp.

“It sends a great message to players that Rohit Sharma and Eoin Morgan have been fined for their slow pace this week,” Petersen wrote on his blog at

“T20 cricket is an entertainment package. It is supposed to be short and sharp – fours, sixes, gates and wrong squares. And it has to be done within three hours,” he added.

“I remember when I first played T20 in 2004 that there was a timer on the board and during that time you had to fill in your overs. This is not negotiable,” Petersen wrote.

The South African-born Englishman said that the fight against time helps you stop procrastinating and start making quick decisions, while adding to the excitement of the T20 cricket format.

“When you know you’re fighting it, you stop procrastinating and start making faster, better decisions. It all serves the excitement and noise of the show,” he added.

He said that nowadays the pressure in T20 cricket is forcing the captains to slow down the games.

“I understand why this is happening. T20 cricket was not particularly under pressure at first, but when the money came in and the careers were determined by the form, then the pressure builds up. .

“But in T20 cricket, this should not be allowed. Hearing that two leading captains have been fined was music to my ears, and if the fines don’t work, I want to see penalties.

“Nothing should be off the table when it comes to speeding up a play, because it becomes much harder to watch when it takes too long.



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