Lionel Messi, Barcelona teammates in trouble for a major violation of COVID

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Messi invited his teammates and their barbecue partners to help the team before a decisive match in the Spanish league next weekend.

Barcelona legend Lionel Messi may be in trouble after arranging a meal for his teammates at home before the La Liga match against Atletico Madrid on Saturday. Catalan regional health authorities claim that the Argentine could have violated the Covid-19 protocols, leaving Messi and his teammates open to hefty fines.

Although Barcelona’s players and coaches are in a “work bubble” and club sources believe that the meal is work-related, the fact that the players’ partners were also present at the meal means that the balloon was not observed.

The existing health protocols for the Catalan region of Spain limit the number of people attending social gatherings to only six, and although the meal is served outdoors with snack bars divided into groups of six, more than 30 people attend.

Meritxell Budo, Catalan Regional Council’s Presidency Council, said: “We know what happened and we have seen the images (at the meetings). The Public Health Agency is responsible for this, they have also seen the images and they will make a technical assessment in the coming days and will tell us how to proceed. “

Meanwhile, Pepe Aragones, acting regional president, said: “We will have to see if we have to take further action. There is an established process and an established procedure.

“I want to call on everyone, not only to comply with the measures, but for people under public responsibility to do so in an even more intense way, because they are setting an example,” he added.



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