Lahore court orders Federal Investigation Agency to sue Pakistani captain Babar Azam

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Lahore court orders Federal Investigation Agency to sue Pakistani captain Babar Azam

Captain of Pakistan Babar AzamProblems in his personal life continue to grow as the Lahore session court has ordered the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) Circle Crime Circle to register a first information report (FIR) against him in a harassment case.

Judge Hamid Hussein’s order was issued Thursday after a hearing in Lahore on a petition filed by a woman, Hamza Mukhtar, who claims to have received threatening messages on her Whats app, threatening her with dire consequences after filing a lawsuit against a Pakistani captain.

During the hearing, FIA officials informed the court that after Hamiza filed a complaint with the Cybercrime Cell and they launched an investigation, they found that one of the numbers used to send the threatening messages belonged to Babar Azam.

Hamiza claims that she constantly received “threatening messages” from various mobile numbers on WhatsApp and that unknown people also “threatened and blackmailed her, that they had her unwanted photos and videos and would upload them on social media to harm her.” of reputation in society and ruin her life. “

She said she turned to the FIA ​​to trace the unknown numbers and they found that one of them was registered to Babar Azam and the other two – to two women, Maryam Ahmed and Salme BB – who had received notifications to join the FIA ​​survey to record their version.

The court was told that of the three, only Ahmed appeared before the agency and denied knowing the petitioner or sending insulting messages to her.

According to the report, Ahmed said he would provide his mobile phone for technical analysis, but was unable to do so.

The FIA ​​said Babar’s brother Faisal Azam appeared on behalf of the cricket player and asked the FIA ​​to “wait a while” to record Babar’s statement.

However, Babar has not yet appeared for an investigation, the FIA ​​report said.

In his order, the judge wrote that since a regular investigation had already been launched into the petitioner’s complaint, “the defendant ordered the continuation of the FIR registration against the perpetrators within the prescribed period after [completion] of legal formalities “.

Earlier this year, the Lahore Supreme Court (LHC) suspended a ruling by a Nasserabad police session court in Lahore to register a case against Babar Azam on Mukhtar’s appeal.

Hamiza has also filed harassment, sexual violence and other lawsuits against Babar.



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