Krishan Kumar, Harmilan Bains men’s and women’s 800m gold bag

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Krishan Kumar, Harmilan Bains men’s and women’s 800m gold bag [FILE PHOTO]

Krishan Kumar of Haryana and Harmilan Baines of Punjab claimed men’s and women’s 800m gold medals, respectively, with comfortable victories on the third day of the National Interstate Athletics Championships here on Sunday.

Kumar grabbed a lead from the bell and stepped away from the package to add another gold to the Federation Cup title he won in March.

Ata Kumar from Utarakhand tried to stay on Kumar’s heels, but the athlete from Haryana kept his pace and momentum to win 50.12 seconds in 1 minute. Asian Games gold medalist Manjit Singh (Haryana) took bronze.

Harmilan Baines enjoyed the vocal support of a handful of NIS supporters when she left MR Poovamma behind after the first lap and found a significant lead, although she was overshadowed by Delhi’s Shalu Chaudhary and Chanda.

The 22-year-old Harmilan won 2: 02.57, while Nimali Lianaracchi of Sri Lanka found the pace of the household to push Shalu to bronze.

On the campus of the University of Punjab, the triple jumpers in Kerala Eldhose Paul, Karthik Unnikrishnan and Abdulla Aboobacker were locked in a high-intensity competition, just as they had done during the Federation Cup here in March.

Paul came out the winner in the end with the best effort of 16.58 m. The gold medalist from the Federation Cup Unicrishnan had to wait until his fifth attempt to run 16.54 m and pass Abdullah Abakubeker for second place.

Sonu Kumari, a bronze medalist in the Federation Cup, won gold in the women’s heptathlon, scoring 5004 points in a grueling two-day race of seven events.

The results (finals):

Men’s: 800m: 1. Krishan Kumar (Haryana) 1: 50.15; 2. Anu Kumar (Utarakhand) 1: 51.05; 3. Manjit Singh (Haryana) 1: 51.44.

5000 m: 1. Kartik Kumar (Uttar Pradesh) 14: 42.76; 2. Adesh Yadav (Maharashtra) 14: 45.45; 3. Arjun Kumar (Uttar Pradesh) 15: 01.21.
110 m with obstacles: 1. Siddhant Tingalaya (Maharashtra) 14.11 seconds; 2. Mohamed Fais (Kerala) 14.34; 3. Amrinder Singh Aulah (Punjab) 14.48.
Triple jump: 1. Eldhose Paul (Kerala) 16.58 m; 2. Kartik Unikrishnan (Kerala) 16.54; 3. Abdullah Abakubeker (Kerala) 16.37.
Discus throw: 1. Kirpal Singh (Punjab) 58.90 m; 2. Harprite Singh (Punjab) 57.73; 3. Gagandeep Singh (Punjab) 56.33.
Women: 800m: 1. Harmilan Baines (Punjab) 2: 02.57; 2. Chanda (Delhi) 2: 03.36; 3. Nimali Lianaracci (Sri Lanka) 2: 05.69.
High jump: 1. Angel P Devasia (Kerala) 1.65 m; 2. Gigi Geroge Stephen (Tamil Nadu) 1.60m.
Habit with a pillar: 1. Baranika Elangoval (Tamil Nadu) 3.90 m; 2. Babita Patel (Madhya Pradesh) 3.40; 3. Rosie Mina Polraj (Tamil Nadu) 3.30.
Heptathlon: 1. Sonu Kumari (Haryana) 5004 points; 2. Kajal (Haryana) 4740; 3. Madhu (Haryana) 4357.



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