Kiren Ridjiju calls on people to support Olympic athletes, Cheerful campaign reports

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Image source: PTI

Minister of Sports Kiren Ridjiju

Minister of Sports Kiren Ridge On Saturday, it announced a “Cheer Up” campaign for Olympic-related Indian athletes across the country and called on people to come out in support of athletes who will compete in the Tokyo Games, which begin on July 23.

So far, more than 100 athletes from India have qualified for the games, and Ridjiju said more than 6,000 selfie points will be set up in the country so people can show their support.

“I spoke with the Minister of Railways Piyush Goyal and it immediately deployed space to 6,000 railway stations across the country, where Olympic selfie points have been set up, “said Ridjiju in a virtual interaction organized by the Confederation of Industry of CII-Sportscom

“Hariana’s chief minister also snapped a selfie with the symbol to encourage others to join the campaign and encourage Tokyo-related players.

“I wanted the Olympic movement and the importance of the Olympics to be understood by everyone scattered across the length and breadth of India. Sport is the nation’s greatest soft power,” he said in a statement.

National badminton coach Pulela Gopichand said Tokyo-linked Indian athletes are more confident this time than their compatriots in the past.

“Today I can say with confidence that every member of the team trains to be in the best shape and eventually win a medal and if there is no medal or good results, I am sure he will be very disappointed,” he said. .

The Minister of Sports also stressed the role that the government plays together with the federations and players in creating a favorable atmosphere for athletes to strive for excellence.

Former international hockey player MM Somaya said: “We have some of the best hockey coaches in the world these days and our boys and girls are in good hands.”

The session was also attended by keynote speakers, including Jalai Dani, President of the Sportscom Industry Confederation, Deepa Malik, Rio 2016 silver medalist and President of the Indian Paralympic Committee, Gagan Narang, bronze medalist at the 2012 London Olympics.



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