Kapil Dev hits the current generation of bowling: It’s sad to see a player get tired after just four overs

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Former Indian captain Kapil Dev

Former Indian captain Kapil Dev, who was known to be a great bowler in the nets, criticized the current generation of bowling for complaining about workload and “getting tired after bowling only four overs”.

“Cricket today is very basic. You either have to fight or bowling. In our time we had to do everything. So cricket has changed today,” Kapil told India Today.

“Sometimes it makes me sad to see a player get tired after bowling just four overs, and I’ve heard they’re not allowed to play more than three or four overs,” he added.

The 62-year-old man, who at one point was the best wicket player in test cricket, said he would not shy away from bowling at least 10 overs even to batsmen number 10 because he believed it would help build muscle. .

“I remember in our time – I will not say whether it is right or not – even the last player who came out and fought, we would get at least 10 overs for them. The thinking was that it helps build muscle. Today, perhaps these four overs are enough for them. So our generation feels a little weird, “Capil said.

Good at everything Hardik Pandya, who was expected to take the mantle from Kapil Dev, has been in focus lately due to fitness issues. Panda was unable to bowle due to back problems. He can only stick and has avoided bowling even in the nets.



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