John Stewart’s Apple TV + Series will debut in the fall of 2021.

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John Stewart’s Apple TV + series now has a title: The John Stewart Problem. Apple TV + announced on Wednesday that The Problem with John Stewart – a new current series of hour-long episodes from the Emmy series winner – will be released in the fall of 2021 on its streaming platform. Each episode will touch on a topic that will be drawn from the national (American) conversation or Stewart’s advocacy work. And each season of The John Stewart Problem will be further explored in an accompanying podcast, Apple TV + said. Several seasons of the show have already been ordered.

The problem with John Stewart marks the return of the 58-year-old to the genre, which he dominated for 16 years during his stay on The Daily Show. Comedy Central – currently host of Trevor Noah – winning 20 Amy, with 10 in a row for Exceptionally diverse series. Several of his correspondents continue to have their own successful political satirical shows, including Stephen Colbert (Colbert’s report on Comedy Central and later The Late Show), John Oliver (Last week on HBO tonight) Samantha Bi (TBS Full Front) and Hassan Minhai | (Netflix’s late Patriot Act).

While Stewart was absent – coincidentally throughout Donald Trump’s presidency – from Oliver Last week tonight won the Emmy for Outstanding Variety Series five years in a row. No doubt it will be interesting to see if the John Stewart Problem can bring Stewart back to the Amy dispute. As the John Stewart Problem will not appear until the end of 2021 (well after the end of May 31 for the Emmy in 2021), his new Apple TV + the series will not qualify until 2022 Emmys.

In addition to his hosting responsibilities, Stewart will act as executive producer of The John Stewart Problem through his Busboy Productions. Former CBS news veteran Brinda Adhikari has been chosen as the showrunner and executive producer of The John Stewart Problem. Longtime Stuart manager James Dixon and Richard Pleper for EDEN Productions will also serve as executive producers. Chelsea Devantes is the lead author of The John Stewart Problem, and Lori Baranek is the executive director of production.

The problem with John Stewart premiered in the fall of 2021 on Apple TV + worldwide. This is part of Apple’s long-standing partnership with Stewart discovered for the first time last October.

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