Joffra Archer goes under the knife after an accident with a crazy aquarium

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Image source: GETTY IMAGES

Photo from Jofra Archer file.

England universal player Joffre Archer underwent surgery to remove a piece of glass that had penetrated a freak accident while cleaning a fish tank from a tendon in his right arm on Monday, England cricket director Ashley Giles said.

The injury happened in January at his home and was managed by England during the recently concluded India-England series.

“He has a fish tank, he released the fish tank and cut off his arm,” Giles told BBC Radio 5 Live.

“It’s going to sound like a terrible conspiracy, and I know what’s going to happen right away on Twitter when I say that. But it’s true, it’s not a conspiracy, it’s an aquarium. He was cleaning at home.

“He was in surgery today and got out of it well. They had surgery and I actually think they found a small piece of glass, still in the tendon.”



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