Jadev Unadkat was upset that he was not selected in the extended test teams in India

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Pace bowler Jade’s uncut, who had a star-studded 2019-20 Ranji Trophy season with 67 tickets to Saurashtra, is upset that he has not even been considered in extended teams for tours in Australia and England, although he has proven himself nationally.

“I expect that when I’m on top now that I’ve done what I’ve done, I was hoping to get the call somewhere on the line,” he said.

“The opportunities have diminished due to the smaller tournaments, but this has led to their creation of a bigger pool for each series. In this way, this has become an opportunity in itself. And the fact that they are not selected in this sense. , is disappointing for sure, “he told Hindu.

The 29-year-old, who has played 18 nationals for India – one test, seven ODIs and 10 T20Is – is a veteran of 89 first-class games with 327 coffers.

He was the best wicket player overall in the 2019-20 season, during which he led Saurashtra to the Ranji Trophy title.

He also took 39 wickets in the 2018-19 season, in which Saurashtra lost the final to Vidarba.

“For starters, maybe because I didn’t have a great time IPL [in 2020] – and what they are looking for is the current form … Since there was not much cricket happening then, there was no Ranji Trophy this season, so to start, I felt [exclusion from] The tour in Australia was good because everyone was good in the main team. But later, [looking at] those who had a chance, I felt I deserved one. Now, for the tour in England, I was hoping for him, “he added.

Unadkat, whose only test was in December 2010 in South Africa, said he expected to be invited to the India A series in England. However, this did not happen.

“You don’t know what to expect. You don’t know which tournament is coming up and what to prepare for. I was hoping there would be a series from India A that was supposed to happen before the tour in England. I was hoping to get a chance there and at least to we added a few more wikis to the board. But that didn’t happen. “



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