I’ve worked on photos of backscatters, rotating punch to improve the speed of my punch: Punam Raut

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Punam raut

Indian dough Punam Rout said on Sunday that she had worked to improve her rates, something that has caused a lot of criticism over the years.

Punam, who hit an impressive hundred in a losing cause, had scores of 62 and 77 in the first two games.

“I was working on it to improve the speed of my strikes … Since the lock, I’ve been working on it, working a little on the back photos and also turning the impact,” she told reporters after India fell from South Africa with seven doors in the fourth ODI, which has already allowed a series of five games.

Asked if talking about her low level of anxiety worries her, Punam Raut said she doesn’t think much about it and instead focuses on her contribution to the team.

“I don’t think too much about the strike rate. I focus on my contribution to the team. As for the returns (which she has done many times), it’s important to stay mentally strong. There are also people who tell me that the strike I’m low, I don’t let it bother me. I keep working on my game, “she added.

Asked if the result of around 270 is not enough given the good wadding conditions, she said the total amount displayed by India on Sunday (266) was challenging, adding that bowling needed to be more disciplined.

“.. as far as the bowling alley is concerned, there must be some discipline. Of course, after the block we get together after a long time … I am sure that while we are walking, we can do well …”, added.

“We have to work on bowling, we have to be more disciplined. In addition, we have to work on the field. There are young people in the team, we have to give them time.”

For his tone in Sunday’s game (third in the ODI), Raut said it’s special since he appeared after a long time.

“Very valuable … Century is special for each dough. I wanted to transform my good shape into three figures. I like this earth and this strap (laughs). It’s a special hundred because it came after a long time,” she added.

She said that during the forced blockade of COVID-19 she worked hard on cotton wool with her coach and was grateful for that.

“We were away from the game for a year. I worked on cotton wool during the lock, I worked with a coach. I also played some training matches. I have time to work on my game during the lock, I’m grateful for that,” she added.

Regarding her good form and if there is talk of moving up the line, given that the knives are not able to provide good starts, Rout said that such a decision will be made by the captain and coach.

Meanwhile, South African bat Lara Goodall, who shone with an undefeated 59 in the team’s victory, said it was good to contribute.

“It was nice to contribute, sometimes I don’t feel like I’m doing enough as one of the most experienced players on the team,” she added.

Goodall said it was good to win in India after losing in 2019. “We got dressed the last time we came to India, so we definitely felt we had a point to prove it.

“We are much more mature than we were two years ago. We really made a statement today, especially our battery, which has been under a lot of control. This is a huge pursuit against a world-class team, we will definitely enjoy this one.”

The 24-year-old left-hander said that Mignon du Prez, who hit 55-ball 61, took the pressure off her after she started to score. “Mignon really took the pressure off me because I started slowly and once she started scoring, it helped me play a lot more freely,” she added.

“We’ve always felt in control, we haven’t lost weekends in clusters, which has been a problem for us in the past,” she said.



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