ISSF World Cup: Indian women claim team gold medal in trap shooting

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Shreyasi Singh, Rajeshwari Kumari and Manisha Keer in Dr. Karni Singh Ranges in New Delhi on Sunday.

Indian trio Shreyasi Singh, Rajeshwari Kumari and Manisha Keer are vying for the gold medal in the women’s trap final after losing 6-0 to Kazakhstan on the final day of the ISSF Shooting World Cup here on Sunday.

In the match for the gold medal, the team, raised by the host nation, did not sweat, as it stormed to a crushing victory over the Kazakh Sarsenkul Risbekova, Aizhan Dosmagambetova and Maria Dmitrienko, taking the gold won by India at 14 in the tournament.

The Indian scorers, especially the experienced Shreyasi and Manisha, missed very few shots in the final and proved to be too good for their opponents.

Gold medalist from the British Community Games Shreissy, Rajeshwari and Manisha scored 321 in qualifying rounds at Dr. Carney Singh’s shooting range on Thursday.

Kazakhstan’s Risbekova, Dosmagambetova and Dmitrienko fired a total of 308.

On Saturday, the pair Shreyasi and Kynan Chenai missed the podium as they settled for fourth place in the final of the mixed team in the prestigious tournament.

Thanks to the country’s dominant performance for most of the tournament, India continued to lead with 14 gold, nine silver and six bronze for a total of 29 podium finishes.



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